BBC Daily Lessons help Homeschooling

Woman Teacher cartoon

The BBC has launched its online Daily Lessons to help youngsters learn at home. The homeschooling lessons have been created with teachers and other educational experts and feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games. Subjects include Maths and English for every year group, as well as regular lessons in Science, History, … Read more

Have your seen these homeworking memes?

When you Try to Work from Home

A meme is a word coined by biologist Richard Dawkins to describe “an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads by means of imitation” (see its Wikipedia entry). An Internet meme is one that is spread via the Internet, that is often humorous, and includes an image and a catchphrase. The London Evening Standard newspaper have … Read more

Daily BBC Bite-Sized Lessons Soon

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The BBC is coming to the rescue, to help people with their learning at home. The organisation claims that it will “offer the biggest online education push ‘in its history’“, that will include six 20-minute programmes on BBC Bitesize Daily, covering core subjects such as maths, English and science. The BBC already offers resources on … Read more