Should I be Working from Home?

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Coronavirus rules will remain in place until at least mid-July after changes planned for 21 June were delayed. Everyone who can work from home should still do so. You shouldn’t go to work if: You’re self-isolating because you have coronavirus symptoms You’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive You’re in quarantine after … Read more

The benefits of home working

Cybersecurity Challenge

Verdict Media asked people in the cybersecurity business to give us their take on working from home, one on each side of the debate. Source Point Counterpoint: Cyber people on the benefits of home working versus return to the office, 5th May 2021 Image source and credit: John Hurley @ Wiki Commons

Homeworking veteran: My Golden Rules

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Working from home (WFH) expert Tanya Sweeney has worked from home for nearly 15 years. She describes her rules, which include: Find a dedicated space, somehow Don’t worry too much about your Zoom background Enjoy the benefits of working from home (up to a point) Check in with the entire office team, regularly Split the … Read more

Work-from-home job tips

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FlexJobs suggests three tips to help you get a a homeworking job, that includes: Highlighting your previous remote work experience Mentioning the technical and soft skills that help you excel while remote Gauging the company’s history with flexible work Sources and credits “3 tips to land a work-from-home job right now, according to a remote-work … Read more

How are couples coping working at home?

Before the lockdown, working from home was seen as an oddity. Now it is the new normal. But how are couples coping? When James and Jo starting working at home, everything was fine. They doubled up in their home office, but soon found each other’s meeting were too distracting. Others have not been so lucky, … Read more

Homeworking a legal right?

Barrister John Collins

The German Government is considering making working from a home a legal right. Around 18% of the German workforce was working from home, which doubled during the coronavirus. German minister Hubertus Heil said that a right to work from home was needed to “turn technological progress into social progress.” See also: “Working from home could … Read more

Rise of the home DIY Office

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Although people are being encouraged to go back to work, many have no plans to do so, resulting in some creative home offices. Key features include: Exercise, such as the use of a bicycle to keep fit DIY desks, from standing desk to ironing boards Novel spaces, from sheds to cupboards to tree houses Source: … Read more