Why Making Money from Home is not Easy

Making money from home may not be as easy as we hope. Here’s are three reasons why.

Coffee and croissants

Many of us dream of not having to make the daily commute into work, and that perhaps we can earn an income in our dressing gown and slippers, with nothing more than a coffee and a croissant. Here’s why your hopes may remain a dream.

  1. If making money from home was easy, wouldn’t most of us be doing so? Yes, there are lots of homeworkers, doing a wide range jobs, but I know of no homeworking job which is easy and cheap to set up, and guarantees an income. But yes, there may be a job that is suitable for you, if you can find it.
  2. Beware of scams! The only thing worse than not finding a homeworking job, is being scammed by a “get rich quick scheme”.
    1. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is
    2. If a homeworking job is not clear about what you will be doing, it’s probably a scam.
    3. If you have to pay money to someone to get onto their homeworking scheme, it’s probably a scam. If we could make money from you working at home for me, would I charge you?
  3. Temperament. To work at home you need to be (a) focussed (b) have self-discipline (c) persevere. It is easier said than done when the kitchen and streaming videos are a click away.