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Tue 24 Apr 2018

Introduction is the website for people who either work at home, or work from home.

If you are looking for help doing your school homework, then try the BBC Bitesize site.

After a year's break, the site is reinventing itself, and planning to offer:

  • Useful articles
  • Jobs
  • Book and website reviews
  • A forum
  • Case studies

It will take time to develop the site, so please bare with us.

Homeworking Jobs

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Press coverage

  • 8 Aug 1999 BBC Breakfast TV
  • 8 Nov 1999 The Scotsman
  • 14 Feb 2000 The Times
  • 7 Mar 2000 Palm Beach Post
  • 9 Sep 2003 Guardian
  • 10 Apr 2004 Telegraph
  • 16 Nov 2006 Independent
  • 9 Feb 2011 Guardian

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Case studies


Marcus Jaurigue is 28 years old, has 3 children and is happier than ever since he started his own business just over a year ago.

Case Study written 1999


I have worked from home for nearly eight years now, as a Market Research interviewer. I must say that I prefer it to conventional employment. One has the advantage that you can fit work around other domestic or social arrangements. The work is varied. Sometimes one is required to go out knocking on doors, at other times one may be given a list of names and addresses that can be contacted and often interviewed over the telephone. This is great in the winter. If the view from the window is not particularly encouraging, then the latter option is the one to choose.


Lauren is 32 and has been a musician working from home for 10 years. She lives with her musician husband and their two children aged under 7.


Tony and his wife Tina own and run a small hotel in the beautiful Lake District, UK.

Case Study written in 1999.

Update: In 2002, Tony and his wife sold up and moved on. Not because the hotel and lifestyle was not a success but because new opportunities presented themselves. We wish them well.


Caroline is 40 and lives with her homeworking partner and two children aged under 13.

Case Study written in 1999 and updated 2002/3


Ian is 42, married and has two children: Adelaide who is 13 years old and Cameron aged 8.

Case Study written 1999 & updated 2002/03


Steve Holmes is in his 50s and lives with his partner who is also a homeworker. They have a dog called Beatrice.

Case Study written 1999.