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Tue 22 May 2018

Introduction is the website for people who either work at home, or work from home.

If you are looking for help doing your school homework, then try the BBC Bitesize site.

After a year's break, the site is reinventing itself, and planning to offer:

  • Useful articles
  • Jobs
  • Book and website reviews
  • A forum
  • Case studies

It will take time to develop the site, so please bare with us.

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  • 9 Feb 2011 Guardian

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Stuff envleopes earn $$$. Source

You can earn $1000 per month just by stuffing leaflets into envelopes, and mailing them out to eager customers, for just a few hours work at home each evening. If you are able to do a little more work each day, then you can earn significantly more than this.

Of course it's a scam. Here's how it works (or rather, doesn't).

  • You send your "processing money" / "sign-up fee"  to the address in the advert, and you get nothing in return. By the time people have complained, the address has closed down, and the perpetrator has moved on.
  • You send in £100 for leaflets, receive 100 of them in the post, all advertising the same envelope-stuffing scam. Now you're doing the scammer's dirty work, and you have to pay for outgoing postage.
  • You send in £100 for leaflets, and receive 100 leaflets advertising anything legitimage. You've just purchased some very expensive, and probably worthless leaflets.

If someone wants to send out a mass mailing, it's cheaper to get a company to do it by machine. On the off-chance there is something legitimate about the scheme, then the company should be paying you to do the work, not you paying them.