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Tue 24 Apr 2018

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Writing, publishing and selling small booklets and guides is one of the most satisfying ways to make money from home. Everyone, but everyone has experience which they can write down and publish to pass on to others via the means of small guides or booklets. You don't have to be a writer either, although as soon as you put keyboard to paper that's exactly what you'll be. Gail Miller explains:

Even if you don't feel that you actually have information or experience which will be useful or interesting to others, you can always research a subject and put a booklet together about the information you have uncovered. However, I'm sure after reading this report, you will realise that in fact you can offer information to others - information that you can sell.

Right then ...... what sort of information could you turn into booklets?

  • Recipes - Could you put together a booklet on super duper sandwiches for kids, extravagant chocolate recipes, 100 ways with chicken, how to make delicious cookies and biscuits, mixing lethal cocktails? In America, these little collections of recipes are very popular and sell very well.
  • Guide books - Are you, or anyone you know, walkers or hikers? If so, why not put a collection of walks together? Alternatively, you could always write a booklet all about your local area to sell in local shops or through classifieds in your locality.
  • Business information - very popular and very lucrative. If you know how to make money in business or can offer information about making money from home, you will always find buyers.
  • Employment guides - There was a very high volume seller a few years back (which was self-published) all about job opportunities in Corfu. The writer had been there for their holidays and thought that bringing information from there to here would be most useful for young people who were wanting to work abroad for the summer. It worked, and the guide sold well.
  • Health books - Do you know something that will make other people healthier? Do you have the secret of stopping smoking or losing weight? If so, pen it and offer the information for sale.
  • How to guides - We have all heard of "Fly Fishing" by J. R. Hartley, haven't we? Well although there is no such book and we all have a snigger at the title, if there had have been such a book I'm sure it would have sold well. Do you have a hobby or interest that you could write about? Do you make wine? Sell crafts? Fly fish - whatever that might be? If you can instruct someone else how to do something or how to make something, then you have the basis of a guide.

That's the first thing about making money from booklets; you can write them yourself, have them printed or even photocopied, either as sheets, stapled together in the top corner, or as small A5 booklets with cardboard covers. The other way to make money from booklets, is to buy the rights to reprint ones that have been written, and sell them on to others. To find publications such as these, read some of the business opportunity magazines such as The Jaclow or Money Master, (addresses at the end of report) and you will see guides and booklets for sale "with reprint and resale" rights. What this basically means is that you can copy the book as often as you like to sell on to other people who enquire about the book from you. If you don't have access to a typewriter, word-processor or computer, then this is the best option for you. All you then have to do is, go to your local copy shop, have the whole booklet printed and stapled together and ....... well that's it really. You then of course, have to advertise the product yourself.

The best way to promote guides and booklets is either by mail order; using classified or display advertising, or selling them direct to the public at craft fairs, or markets. What your guides will be about will have an influencing factor on where you sell them. Booklets about making money from home are best advertised in business opportunity magazines by mail order, as this is where people who are looking to make money from home will be looking for ideas. On the other hand, if your booklets are about trains, you could have a stall at a toy train fair, if they contain recipes or concentrate on domestic subjects they could be sold at Women's Institute fetes. If your guide concentrates on your own small area, put postcards up in shop windows, or try to get local green grocers or newsagents to sell them for you.

The great thing about selling information either in booklets, or indeed short reports, is that you can product them for literally pennies, yet sell for pounds. The profit margin is very good indeed, plus once you start producing booklets like this, as soon as you have one finished, often another idea pops into your mind and then you are away again .... you will then have two products in your portfolio. After a short while you will find that you have a range of goods to offer customers, and the satisfaction that you get from knowing you are helping other people to attain their goals is immense.

About Gail Miller

From the UK, Gail Miller freelances writing and designing for womens magazines. She is author of "WILD CHILD - A Mother, A Son & ADHD" the true story of her battles with the 'powers that be' for recognition and treatment of her son's condition.