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Tue 24 Apr 2018

Introduction is the website for people who either work at home, or work from home.

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It will take time to develop the site, so please bare with us.

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  • If you are an older person considering homeworking then you have come to the right place to lead you towards fulfilling and worthwhile employment at home. Being an older person you may be retired, made redundant or just want a more flexible way of working on your own terms. Homeworking may be the answer but as with anyone it takes time to set up and is not something that can be rushed. Homeworking is not for everyone but if you are an older person you may find that you actually adapt better to it because you are looking to do things differently and want to be more independent.
  • Work your way through this website as there is a lot of information here that is relevant to all ages as well as the great Forum where you can find support. Any further information specifically aimed at the older person will be added to this page.
  • Following are links to some great websites which cater to the older person. You may not find specific information relating to homeworking but you may come across some ideas or contacts that prove invaluable. These links are arranged in country order but please don't feel restricted, you may feel that a website in another country may interest you more or serve you better.
  • Don't forget to bookmark this site so that it is easy to come back. Happy surfing and we hope to see you on our Forum!
    • Australia
      • ARPA Over 50s Association is a national, self help, not for profit organisation, with the aim of enhancing the lifestyle of older people in Australia.
    • Canada
      • CARP Promoting and protecting the interests, rights and quality of life for Canadians as we age
      • Everything Zoomer. The 45+ lifestyle magazine
    • New Zealand
      • SeniorNet gives older adults in New Zealand an opportunity to get on the Internet, and learn more about new communication and information technology.
    • United Kingdom
      • The Past Times Project is a charming site devoted solely to displaying your nostalgic memories of bygone Britain, through your childhood to adult life.
      • The University of the Third Age encourages lifelong learning for those no longer in full time gainful employment.
      • Age Positive The Department for Work and Pensions information from employers on effectively managing an ageing workforce of all generations
      • 50 Connect Over50s retirement health, lifestyle
      • Limited was founded to provide an internet service specifically for the over 50's.
      • The Big Project Websites for senior citizens and retired pople
    • United States
      • AARP AARP is the US organization for people age 50 and older. It serves their needs and interests through information and education, advocacy, and community services which are provided by a network of local chapters and experienced volunteers throughout the country.
      • National Council on the Aging US membership site.
      • Seniornet/ A US nonprofit site provides adults 50+ access to and education about computer technology and the Internet to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.