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Tue 24 Apr 2018

Introduction is the website for people who either work at home, or work from home.

If you are looking for help doing your school homework, then try the BBC Bitesize site.

After a year's break, the site is reinventing itself, and planning to offer:

  • Useful articles
  • Jobs
  • Book and website reviews
  • A forum
  • Case studies

It will take time to develop the site, so please bare with us.

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  • 8 Aug 1999 BBC Breakfast TV
  • 8 Nov 1999 The Scotsman
  • 14 Feb 2000 The Times
  • 7 Mar 2000 Palm Beach Post
  • 9 Sep 2003 Guardian
  • 10 Apr 2004 Telegraph
  • 16 Nov 2006 Independent
  • 9 Feb 2011 Guardian

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Sophie Devonshire runs her company "Babes With Babies" virtually - there is no physical office and the staff all work remotely from their homes across the UK, Dubai and France.

According to an article on BBC News: "Ms Devonshire's online retail company for new mothers and mums-to-be, .. is booming and profitable - the company has enjoyed a sevenfold increase in turnover in the past seven years.

Read more: "Does small business success lie up in the clouds?" by Lindsay Baker, BBC News, 4 April 2014